FAQS Regarding Low Intensity Laser Therapy


1. What is a laser?
2. What are Superluminous Diodes (SLDs)?
3. What is Low Intensity Laser Therapy?
4. How long does a treatment take?
5. How many treatments are needed?
6. How much does one charge for treatment?
7. Is this treatment covered by public or private insurance plans?
8. Is Laser Therapy safe?
9. Are there any contraindications?
10. What is BioFlex Laser System?
10. What is BioFlex Laser System?
11. How does BioFlex Laser Therapy compare with other conventional treatments?
12. What makes BioFlex Laser Therapy unique?
13. Have the clinical applications of Laser Therapy been studied using the BioFlexLaser Therapy Systems?
14. Who uses BioFlex Laser Therapy?
15. What regulatory approvals does BioFlex have?
16. How does the BioFlex Professional System differ from other devices on the market?
17. Why do other devices advertise shorter treatment times?
18. What is the difference between High Intensity versus Low Intensity Laser Therapy?

* information from http://www.bioflexlaser.com